Malekula Magic

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Our smoothest-tasting kava powder is the Malekula Magic range. Malekula Magic is made by removing all of the skin off the stump root (no lateral roots are used). It's then refined into a powder. This is done to replicate the kastom way that the villages in Malekula prepare their kava which is to remove all the skin with coconut fibers (from between the shell and outer husk of the coco) or with a piece of coral. The result is not only an exceptionally smooth kava, with many saying it is the smoothest kava available, but a kava with a very high kavain content compared to the rest of the kavalactones.  This provides for a very rapid onset of effects, because of the quick and easy absorption of kavain, and a very "heady" experience.

Rated by Kavasseur as one of their best kava powders in the world -  9.33/10 - the Malekula range has become one of our most popular kava powders.


Type: Malekula Magic