Tanna Kava Kaolik

*Temporarily Out Of Stock*

The famous Tanna Kava Kaolik range comes straight from the island of Tanna in Vanuatu. 

Tanna Island has only been exporting kava for use outside of Vanuatu for the past 5-6 years.  This fact is primarily based on the difficulties that small holders face in transporting their product to Lenakel (the capital of Tanna) by limited means.  Last year's cyclone has only compounded the problem exponentially - but fear not! We have been able to secure some of the last of the kava from Tanna before export was curtailed as a result of the disaster.*  

Since the Tanna Kava range has come on the market, it has become known as the highest-grade kava powder available from Vanuatu.The Kaolik range is known for its full-body flavor and strength, providing a stronger "heady" effect than its ceremonial counterpart, Marang-Marang.  Not for first-timers, the Tanna Kava Kaolik range is a large kava plant with a deep root structure that is prized among local villages.  The local name in some places,  "Ahouia," literally translates as "yellow" because of the flesh color resulting from the high lactone content of the plant.  While it is a bit more expensive than other kava powders - due to the aforementioned costs in getting it to market, as well as the recent cyclone that has halted the ability to export until the newly-planted crop comes to maturity - the value is definitely in its strength as well as its rarity.

*Note that a full 10% of the price of Tanna Kavas goes directly to disaster relief efforts from Cyclone Pam as we await the re-linking of our supply chain. 


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