Tanna Kava Marang Marang

*Temporarily Out Of Stock*

Often referred to as the "Melo Melo of Vanuatu's South,"  Marang Marang is a difficult kava to acquire* - not only because of the logistics of getting things to market from the distant island of Tanna - but also because it is primarily used in ceremonies, and has not been generally grown for export/outside use until recently. A very smooth kava, it is comparable to Kaolik, but considered slightly less potent due to overall lactone content. This is largely offset by the balance of kavalactones, having more of the "bigger molecule" lactones, which take a bit more time to absorb, and more time to process and expel.  It is thus described as having more of a "bodily" effect, in addition to the heady effect of social-drinking types, like the Kaolik, as most ceremonial varieties do. As if the shipping logistics and kastom ceremonial use have not made it difficult enough to acquire, the recent cyclone has destroyed roughly 2/3 of the Tanna's kava crops, making it an even more rare gem among kavas.  As a matter of fact, when this shipment is sold out, we are unlikely to get more of it for another 3-4 years, until the newly-planted crop can reach the maturity level necessary for export under Vanuatu's kava purity laws.  So, if you haven't tried the Marang, now might be a great time - and perhaps your last chance for years without actually having to visit Vanuatu.

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Type: Tanna Kava Marang Marang